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Australian Soil Network

The Australian Soil Network – implementing the National Soil RD&E Strategy

The Australian Soil Network (the ‘network’) comprises representatives from Rural Research and Development Corporations (RDC), government agencies, CSIRO, and the University sector. The committee formally reports to the AGSOC Research and Innovation Committee. The co-leads of the strategy are the NSW Department of Primary Industries and the Grains Research and Development Corporation.

Purpose of the network

The Australian Soil Network will facilitate implementation of the National Soil Research, Development and Extension (RD&E) strategy. The committee will provide leadership and achieve increased effectiveness of Australian soil RD&E, being mindful that Soil RD&E is always set within a broader systems view. More specifically, the role of the National Australian Soil Network is to:

  • oversee and govern strategy implementation
  • implement the strategy to achieve its objectives in a timely manner
  • drive increased collaboration and coordination between organisations involved in the national soil RD&E effort
  • help determine strategic national soil RD&E priorities
  • help facilitate coordinated investment to address national soil R&D priorities and emerging issues
  • help sustain high levels of benefit from the national investment in soil RD&E
  • strengthen Australia’s national soil research capability
  • help facilitate knowledge exchange between users and providers of soil information ensuring ongoing innovation, adoption of new technologies and productivity benefits
  • proactively communicate, including to promote the necessary public and government awareness of soils
  • liaise with relevant national committees, including but not limited to the:
    • AgSOC Research and Innovation Committee
    • National Committee on Soil and Terrain (NCST)
    • National Committee on Land Use and Management Information
    • Terrestrial Ecosystem Research Network
    • National Plan for Environmental Information
    • National Committee on Acid Sulfate Soils
  • undertake monitoring, evaluation, reporting and improvement activities to ensure the strategy is being implemented


Stephen Loss, Grains Research and Development Corporation (lead RDC and Chair)

Warwick Dougherty, NSW DPI (lead agency)

Ben McDonald, CSIRO (lead agency)

Elise Pendall, Western Sydney University

Cameron Allan, Meat and Livestock Australia

Troy Clarkson, Department of Agriculture, Water and Environment, Australian Government

Louise Barton, University of Western Australia

Jim Cox, South Australian Research and Development Institute, SA

Angela Avery, Department of Economic Development, Jobs, Transport and Resources, VIC

Warwick Dougherty, Department of Primary Industries, NSW

Gus Manatsa, Sugar Research and Development Corporation

Simon Willcox, Department of Primary Industries, Parks, Water and Environment, TAS

Alex Sas, Wine Australia

Jason Hill, Department of Land Resource Management, NT

Tim Overheu, Department of Agriculture and Food, WA

Byron de Kock, Horticulture Innovation Australia

Paul Lawrence, Department of Science, Information Technology and Innovation, QLD

Alex McBratney, University of Sydney

Neal Menzies, Australian Council of the Deans of Agriculture

Cath Lescun, Dairy Australia

Tony Weatherley, University of Melbourne

Susan Maas, Cotton Research and Development Corporation