Securing Australia's Soil

For profitable industries and healthy landscapes

Soil is vital to our existence.

It provides nutrients, water and physical support for the production of food and fibre, and the base resource for roads, homes and built infrastructure. In doing so, soil underpins our agricultural industries and supports other industries including construction engineering and mining. Soil also sustains our natural environment by cycling and storing nutrients and water, and it helps to regulate our climate by acting as a source or sink for important greenhouse gases…read more »

Soil RD&E Strategy

The National Soil Research, Development and Extension Strategy – ‘Securing Australia’s soil for profitable industries and healthy landscapes’ (soil RD&E strategy) will help ensure soil research and development becomes more targeted and collaborative and that research will better meet the needs of farmers. There will also be better information and tools available on soil use and management…read more

Key Soil RD&E priorities

Soils underpin food security in all nations. The often old and impoverished soils in Australia require specific focus and attention to ensure that they remain productive, both in terms of food production and ecosystem health. The release of the National Soil Research, Development & Extension Strategy provides a framework for coordinating such actions relating to soils…read more »

Soil RD&E stocktake

Soils RD&E results are needed for better evidence based decisions Australia’s soils are a major national asset underpinning our agricultural productivity and ability to be a net exporter of food valued at $23 billion (DAFF 2009). Assets need maintenance. Australian agriculture’s capacity to increase total factor productivity to help meet the 70 percent increase in world food demand anticipated by 2050 (CSIRO 2010), whilst managing for climate change and reducing greenhouse gas emissions, will depend heavily on managing and manipulating the soil resource base… read more »

The Australian Soil Network

The Australian Soil Network (the ‘Network’) comprises representatives from Rural Research and Development Corporations (RDC), government agencies, CSIRO, the University sector, and an independent chair. The Network formally reports to the AGSOC Research and Innovation Committee. The strategy is co-lead by CSIRO and the Grains Research and Development Corporation.

Advocate for Soil Health

Former Governor-General, Major General The Honourable Michael Jeffery, AC, AO (Mil), CVO, MC (Retd), has been appointed for a new term as the National Advocate for Soil Health through until 2017. This affirmation and continuation of General Jeffery’s role by the Australian Government is a significant achievement. The Advocate for Soil Health role is being managed by the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources, and further information regarding the position, including the Terms of Reference and contact details can be found here.